Let’s say you have a property you no longer need, or you want to leave a charitable legacy — or you simply want to make a cash donation to the waqf.

Cash donations are simple, and our waqf board is here to guide you through any more complex transactions. We will be glad to talk one-on-one with you about your asset and your wishes for its use. We will help you develop a plan to turn your asset into a benefit for people in need.

Once your plan has been carried out, your gift is either utilized in its current form — a possibility for real estate, for example — or invested in halal ways. Proceeds from these investments are then used to support IRUSA in our charity work.

Such giving techniques are called “planned gifts,” because with thoughtful planning, you create win-win solutions for you and Islamic Relief. We invite you to explore our website and, when you are ready, to contact us for details about planned gifts tailored to your specific situation. For example:

Is it halal?

IRUSA’s waqf was developed in conjunction with Muslim scholars to follow Islamic principles, and we choose only halal investments. In fact, establishing a waqf is a longstanding Islamic tradition.

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What kinds of donations are accepted?