Welcome to Islamic Relief USA’s waqf

the endowment that keeps charity work going.

What is waqf?

The waqf is a new way of supporting IRUSA. In the past, most donations from individuals have taken the form of cash. Now, we are expanding to be able to accept additional forms of donations, and we’re using them to start an endowment that will maintain IRUSA. Read More…

How does it work?

Cash donations are simple, and our waqf board is here to guide you through any more complex transactions. We will be glad to talk one-on-one with you about your asset and your wishes for its use. We will help you develop a plan to turn your asset into a benefit for people in need. Read More…

Why should I support it?

First, by supporting the waqf, you are helping to build Islamic Relief USA itself. You’re building an even more stable foundation for ongoing charity work. Read More…

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